"EFT creates improvements in 90% of couples coming in for therapy"
- Johnson; Hunsley; Greenberg & Schindler

EFT is one of the fastest growing models of couple therapy and marriage counseling available today. Research indicates and clients report that EFT can help:

  • Diffuse conflict, reduce ongoing tensions.
  • Feel closer and more connected to your partner.
  • Develop healthier, more satisfying communication.
  • Improve emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy.
  • Resolve old problematic issues in your relationship.

EFT is being studied and practiced around the world and is recognized as an effective, evidenced-based couples and family therapy.

Ninety percent (90%) of couples who complete EFT improve their relationships.* The comparable rate of marital relationship improvement for the next leading model of couple therapy is only 35%. Studies indicate the results for EFT are generally robust and long-lasting. Also, EFT works with partners who describe themselves as "unemotional."

Another significant finding is that couples who work through the EFT process resolve their issues without returning to their old unhealthy communication patterns in the future.

EFT is adaptable to a variety of complex situations, including helping couples heal after affairs, cope with difficult life stresses, such as chronic illness, and deal with trauma.

Unlike other couples therapy approaches, your initial level of relationship distress does not predict how well you will do in EFT. Research studies show that it is also effective with couples in which one or both partners struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, a traumatic childhood background, as well as sexual problems, such as low sexual desire.

It doesn’t matter how minor or major your problems are, EFT can help you resolve your difficulties – we can work together to help you and your partner handle life’s challenges and enjoy your opportunities together. Couples who take the experiences and tools developed in session and apply them outside of session increase their chances of success.

Couples in happy relationships tend to enjoy better general health and wellness. Researchers have found that marital satisfaction has been linked to better immune system functioning, recovery from illness and injuries, and management of stressful situations.

Breaking News: MRI Research led by Dr. Jim Coan and Dr. Sue Johnson preliminary results demonstrate that successful EFT for couples leads to positive changes in the female partner's secure bond with their partner that is observable in the brain.

EmotEmotionally focused therapy (EFT) was developed primarily by Dr. Susan Johnson . Originally developed for couples, EFT has found effectiveness between family members as well as romantic couples. As its name implies, emotionally focused therapy is based on emotions. It helps in treating depression, distressed relationships, and much more. It is currently used in private practices, hospital clinics, and training centers throughout the world. Dr. Susan Johnson, with other colleagues of EFT, founded The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy  (ICEEFT) in 1998.

(*Data based on published research studies, individual results cannot be guaranteed).

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